Dr. Ami Appelbaum

Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority & Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry

“Israel Innovation Authority has recognized the genome editing field as a growth engine for pharmaceutical, biotech and agricultural industries which will accelerate the development of novel technologies, products and therapies. CRISPRIL’s mission is to transform genome editing by providing innovative computational tools for improving performance and accuracy. The consortium’s Go-Genome platform incorporates artificial intelligence, unique features and advanced knowledge accumulated to date to provide highly sensitive tools for predicting on and off targets. The consortium will perform 5 editing rounds each including thousands of genomic targets in vegetables, animals and human cells. The data will be used to train and improve the models. We expect that these tools will help transfer CRISPR technologies from academia and research to industrial applications leading to the development and introduction of new products to the market”

Prof. Avi Israeli

Chief Scientist, Ministry of Health

“The Israel ministry of health regards the development of genome edited based therapies as complementary to the increased global efforts to implement precision medicine in medical practice”.

CRISPR genome-editing is changing the frontiers of medicine by opening new possibilities for the development of highly innovative therapies for a wide range of human diseases. Breakthroughs have already been seen in the development of treatments for various diseases from monogenic disorders hematologic disorder to complex diseases like cancer. These novel techniques complement increased global efforts to implement precision medicine in medical practice. The Israel ministry of health is taking part in the global effort to resolve ethical aspects, safety issues and assessing the environmental impact of genome editing. Discussions should relate to the large variety of genomic changes as well as the risk and benefit in the results.

Dr. Michal levy

Chief Scientist, Ministry of Agriculture 

The challenge of food and nutritional security poses severe threats to human life and health. Plant breeders respond to these challenges with new varieties, using cutting-edge technologies like CRISPR. Genome editing using CRISPR can rapidly introduce favorable changes to the genome, such as fixing alleles at existing trait loci, creating de novo alleles, or introducing alleles from other strains or species. The Israel Ministry of Agriculture is taking part in the global effort to deliver better food sustainably through establishing the National Genome Editing Center and the support of researchers to develop novel products.

“We are excited to join forces with the Israel Innovation Authority to build an Israeli CRISPR ecosystem, including leading academy researchers and innovative companies. We believe that it will be a great driver for the world-renown Israeli Agriculture”.