TargetGene Biotechnologies Ltd.


TargetGene, founded in 2012 in Rehovot, Israel, is a pre-CRISPR pioneer in the field of gene-editing and owns foundational intellectual property on RNA-guided nucleases. Through rational protein design, the company has developed a set of optimized tools for safer gene-editing. TargetGene is seeking high profile co-development opportunities in cell-therapy.

Partner's Genome Editing vision‚Äč

TargetGene is developing cell-therapies for Immune-disorders, Cancer and Genetic diseases. We have developed an efficient and versatile ultra-precise dual-RNA guided genome-editing platform, T-GEE, which is orders of magnitude more precise than CRISPR, solving the off-target problem and potentially creating a radically safer tool.

Partner's activity within the consortium

TargetGene is contributing CRISPR gene-editing sequencing data for the computational machine and has developed an ab-initio low-cost off-target detection method using real-time PCR.