Rahan Meristem (1998) Ltd.


Rahan Meristem, is an agro-biotech company with more than 45 years’ experience in plant propagation and breeding. it is one of the largest companies in the Western world specializing in propagation and breeding of bananas and plantains by tissue cultures. The Company’s R&D Department is among the leading biotechnology lab both in Israel and worldwide.
The R&D expertise covering wide range of skills including: genetics and breeding of fruit trees, viral elimination by tissue cultures, tissue culture-based propagation, cell cultures, mutations induction, genetic engineering, and genome editing (CRISPR). The extensive knowledge and experience in these fields, positions the company as a world leader in solving agricultural problems using tissue culture- and cell-culture-based methods. Tremendous skills and specialized tools were developed and are used for the propagation of crops that are not propagated by seeds.

Partner's Genome Editing vision​

At Rahan Meristem we are developing tools to edit genes of fruit trees that won’t be considered as GMO. We see in genome editing the future of crop improvement, especially in crops that cross hybridization is not available or difficult.

Partner's activity within the consortium

Rahan Meristem is contributing CRISPR gene-editing sequencing data of Bananas and Tomato’s for the computational machine and testing several methods for non-GMO genome editing.