Prof. Tamir Tuller's Lab


In the last 15 years my lab has been working on developing various generic approaches for modeling and engineering gene expression. Our models consider all aspects of gene expression (e.g. transcription, spicing, mRNA stability, translation, etc); and are based on a combination of tools from various disciplines (e.g. machine learning, biophysics, and molecular evolution). We specifically have vast experience in the analysis of various type of NGS based experiments for measuring gene expression (e.g. Hi-C, ribo-seq, BS-seq).

Partner's Genome Editing vision‚Äč

The combination of our models with synthetic biology tools has been already used for solving various biotechnological and medical challenges. Among others, we have improved the expression of heterologous genes, designed biosensors, and developed various vaccines.
Many of these projects have been performed in collaboration with biotech companies. In these projects we have extensively used tools for genome editing; thus, the improvement of gene editing platforms is crucial for our research activity.

Partner's activity within the consortium

With our expertise in gene expression modeling we help develop gRNA design tools with improved on-target and off-target performances and with more accurate effect on the expression of the target and non-target genes.