NRGene Ltd.


NRGene develops and commercializes cutting-edge AI based genomic tools that are reshaping agriculture and livestock worldwide. Our cloud-based software solutions are designed to analyze big data generated by next generation sequencing technologies in an affordable, scalable and precise manner. By applying our vast proprietary databases and AI-based technologies, we provide leading international agriculture, seed and food companies, with computational tools to optimize and accelerate their breeding programs, significantly increasing crop yield and saving time and money. Among our customers are companies from different verticals, such as agriculture, food, beverages, oil, paper, rubber, cannabis, and others.

Partner's Genome Editing vision​

NRGene is looking to integrate genomic editing tools into its product line, allowing the customers to plan and predict genomic editing outcomes as part of their genomic based breeding. Editing results, based on accurate AI predictions, can dramatically improve breeding processes. NRGene’s goal is to become a world leader in editing analytics, enabling its customers to implement this new and exciting technology.

Partner's activity within the consortium

NRGene is the leading company in CRISPR-IL and is contributing bioinformatic editing analysis and AI components to the consortium’s infrastructure. NRGene is managing the consortium’s AWS infrastructure and develops the Go-Genome web platform that would serve as future CRISPR-IL interface. On the analysis aspect, NRGene is responsible for building the bioinformatic pipeline that measures the editing results. Finally, as part of the consortium’s AI effort, NRGene is developing a unique AI module that predicts the best combination of experimental methods to reach a specific editing result.