Prof. Itay Mayrose's Lab


Research in the lab of Prof. Itay Mayrose is concerned with the broad field of plant genomics and phylogenetics. We use comparative, bioinformatics approaches to gain insights into the fascinating evolutionary dynamics of plant genomes. In this process, we develop novel computational tools, based on machine learning, reinforcement learning, and advanced probabilistic evolutionary models. These allow us to gain novel biological insights from various kinds of data, including genome editing experiments, pan-genomics, evolutionary analyses, and plant-pollinators networks.

Partner's Genome Editing vision‚Äč

Our aim is to provide the optimal design for various genome editing tasks. This include the optimal balance between efficiency and specificity and enabling the design of more complex editing tasks, such efficient editing of an entire gene families, the design of an sgRNA library that most efficiently target the entire proteome, and all gene families in the genome.

Partner's activity within the consortium

Being part of the computational working group we focus on the development of novel strategies that will improve sgRNA design. We are specifically interested to improve the prediction accuracy of on-target detection methods, more accurate detection of off-targets that include bulges, to combine off-target and on-target detection algorithms, and the optimal design of sgRNAs that would target multiple homologous members of a gene family.