Dr. Isana Veksler-Lublinsky's Lab


Department of Software & ​Information Systems Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Partner's Genome Editing vision​

Our group studies post-transcriptional gene regulation, with a special focus on interactions between small RNAs (e.g., miRNAs) and RNA binding proteins with target mRNAs. The tools we have developed to model these interactions could be applied to model the interactions between guide RNAs and their targets. Furthermore, we strive to use our computational expertise to develop tools to assess the biological effects of off-target sites on the CRISPR-edited cells.

Partner's activity within the consortium

Our group designed and extracted energy and secondary structure-related features of CRISPR guide RNAs. In addition, we have been developing a computational pipeline to characterize the biological relevance of CRISPR off-target sites in the human genome. We utilize information about coding and non-coding genomic features, and regulatory regions both in the DNA and RNA, and their association with biological functions and different phenotypes including diseases and tissue-specific expression. Our tool is expected to assist experimental scientists in the examination of possible biological effects of CRISPR genome editing.