FreezeM Ltd.


Insects are a promising source for sustainable, alternative protein for the animal feed industry, vital to ensuring the wellbeing of a growing human population. But to make a true impact and replace existing components in animal feed, insects must be produced at an industrial scale, all year long, and in a stable manner.

FreezeM is developing novel technologies that will enable to create for the first-time stocks of ready-to-use suspended neonates and frozen eggs – a solution corresponding to the agriculture seed production.

Partner's Genome Editing vision​

Our vision is to generate young fly larvae (neonates) with enhanced traits, tailored for their further application. Superior genetic strains, together with the ability to have stock management and large distance shipment capabilities, should release the major bottlenecks of the industry and assist insect industry to become a main player in the alternative protein for animal feed market.

Partner's activity within the consortium

In the CRISPR-IL consortium, we use CRISPR mediated genome editing, to generate superior strains.