Bio-Technology General Ltd. (BTG)


BTG was founded in 1980 at the beginning of the genetic engineering revolution. In 2005 the Swiss based Ferring group acquired BTG.
BTG is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of human health care products derived from genetic engineering and biotechnology processes and has a successful track record of developing and registered biopharmaceuticals.

Partner's Genome Editing vision‚Äč

Our goal is building the knowledge of future development of gene therapy products and pharmacogenomics tools and cell line optimization for recombinant protein production. We aim is to increase productivity by overexpression in a selected chromosomal integration site and to achieve better protein safety and efficacy by glycosylation engineering.

Partner's activity within the consortium

Our contribution to the CRISPR-IL consortium is by sharing gene editing data results preformed on three mammalian cell lines.