Prof. Amir Sagi's Lab


We study Crustacean genomics, transcriptomics and physiological aspects of growth, biomineralization, sex differentiation and reproduction. Our research led to the development of economically important biotechnological applications for crustacean monosex populations based on the manipulation of the IAG-switch through RNAi. Such monosex crustacean populations are used both in aquaculture and as biocontrol agents over disease-carrying snails.

Partner's Genome Editing vision‚Äč

Our vision is to develop different tools for improvement of crustacean aquaculture. Another approach is to develop stable crustacean cell lines to be used for diagnostics and for whole-cut meat products. Since genome editing products in crustaceans present short time to market opportunities, we believe that our success in genome editing based on CRISPR-IL tools could pave the way to the development of novel aquaculture products with a leadership position for Israeli companies.

Partner's activity within the consortium

We serve as group leaders for 4.3, in close contacts with ‘Colors’ for the development of genome editing tools in crustaceans and with FreezeM in insects. We use numerous guides related to crustacean growth and reproduction and supply the editing results into the consortium’s rounds for CRISPR-IL tool development. Promising results in genomic editing were achieved both using injections to embryos and electroporation in embryonic cells in culture.