Creating innovative AI-based tools

that enable efficient accurate safe secure  genome editing


Towards Safe and Accurate Genome Editing

The CRISPRIL consortium was established to address the CRISPR-Cas challenges. The CRISPRIL consortium aims to develop an artificial intelligence-based system, “GOGENOME”, providing users with improved genome-editing workflows, and predictable accuracy and efficacy.


The End-to-End Platform for Editing Diverse Genomes

Target Gene

Choose your genomic loci for editing: 
Genomes, Cell types,  Genetic element

Recommended gRNAs & Primers

Support Cas9, Cas12a , other

Editing Type

Choose your desired type of modification:
Knock-Out, Knock-In, HDR, other

Lab Protocols

Standardize protocol 
Meta data & data
Cloud-based collection platform

Editing System

Choose your preferred editing Cas system:
Cas9, Cas12a, other

Editing Analysis Protocol

On target & Off target

CRISPRIL members

CRISPRIL 23 participants include leading companies, medical centers, and academic institutions.

Israeli Visions on Genome Editing

Israel’s Innovation Authority backed Genome Editing Consortium

The CRISPRIL is supported with research and development grants from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA). The CRISPRIL consortium operates under the Magnet Consortium track of the IIA

In The Media

Here are the latest CRISPRIL appearances in the media

05 Jan 2021

Evogene Provides 2020 Year-End Update for CRISPRIL Consortium

04 June 2020

Israel aiming to enable unprecedented human DNA edits, to help cure illnesses

03 June 2020

Pluristem Joins Forces with CRISPRIL National Consortium to Advance Development of Cutting-Edge Genome Editing Solutions
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